Aries, a Fire sign that rules the head, is symbolized by the Ram – a head-strong creature with quick, energetic response. Naturally, if you’re born under this sun sign you are action-oriented, exuberant, and eager to add a touch of springtime to your style. 

Starting with a classic Aries palm shape, this sign should generally be represented by fingers shorter than the palms – and that is because shorter fingers reveal quicker reactions.

Finger nails should be spatulate or flared – as both nail types reveal high energy.

The Aries thumb should be spread at least two inches away from the palm, because wider spacing of thumb indicates openness and readiness.

The Venus mount should be prominent and rosy, which reveals strong physical health; and the Life line should be deeply cut and solid –sign of vitality and resistance to stress.

The Head line should indicate independence, by beginning totally unconnected from the Life line.  Also look for a long, unbroken Head line, the hallmark of strong mentality.

The Heart line most likely will appear as a thick feather – which indicates a vivacious flirty person who has many relationships.

Typically, Aries loves to initiate action, so another positive aspect of this sun sign that may be reflected in an Aries palm is a trident mark that rises from the Head line, and then rests on the mount of Jupiter. This ambitious and powerful marking portrays the true Aries spirit of being a brave pioneer in the journey of life.


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