Healing through Hand Mudras

Healing through Hand Mudras

Hand Mudras are special hand gestures used to stimulate and improve specific areas of your body and mind. Use of these mudras causes connections to your nervous system, and sends energy to balance any imbalance of body and mind. Mudras naturally improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

  1. Knowledge and Wisdom Gesture – gently join your tip of thumb and pointer finger – keeping other fingers free and slightly bent. Practice anytime to improve memory, relieve stress and reduce sleep disorders.
  2. Air Gesture – fold pointer finger and press second phalange with tip of thumb- tip of pointer finger should touch base of thumb. Practice anytime on full or empty stomach. This gesture relieves gas, bloat, and constipation.
  3. Earth Gesture– sit in lotus pose and gently touch tip of ring finger and tip of thumb, and let other fingers stretch free. Practice every day for 30-45 minutes to open pathway to spirituality. This pose reduces weakness and stress; improves bone strength; boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  4. Fire Gesture– on an empty stomach and while sitting, fold ring finger and place tip at base of thumb; and press tip of thumb on second segment of ring finger. Practice 20 minutes a day – but avoid doing this gesture when you are experiencing indigestion. This gesture reduces cholesterol; dissolves excess fat; boosts metabolism; and regulates the thyroid.
  5. Water Gesture– sit or lie down and gently touch tip of thumb with tip of little finger, and let other fingers float free. Practice anytime during your day to make your skin glow; reduce dry mouth; and rehydrate cells, skin and muscles.
  6. Heaven Gesture– while sitting, gently bend middle finger, placing tip on thumb mount, and place thumb tip on top segment of middle finger. Practice for 15 minutes, three times a day to relieve ear aches; alleviate ear, nose, and throat problems; and overcome motion sickness.
  7. Life Energy Gesture– sitting in lotus pose, place tip of ring finger, little finger and thumb gently together and keep other fingers stretched. Practice 5 minutes three times a day to cleanse aura; intensify inner focus; and reduce fatigue and nervousness.

Just relax, breathe and enjoy while practicing these hand gestures – they will revitalize your cells, increase life energy, and lend tranquility and balance to your busy life.


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